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Location: Jami Commercial Phase VII, Karachi
Year of Project: 2018
Photography: Muhammad Daniyal Fazal


We, the Ingenious Design Studio has completed our new office on the theme of spacious planning in a small space. For designing a space we have found inspiration through our own processes of design. Our reception area is designed with contemporary furniture with seating dice which is having a very unique way of cladding stones that is elegant and quite welcoming. Creating multi-functional spaces was a key consideration of a more efficient use of office space. The furniture is minimalistic and arranged in a way so space can be utilized optimally.
The meeting room is spacious with an abstract patterned feature wall with carpet tiles. 
Our studio has a great combination of aesthetic appeal and functional space. Glass partition walls give a  sense of flowing spaces and visual continuation. The studio facilitates open communication among employees, better coordination and optimum working space. We have deliberately created almost the entire interior from OSB (ORIENTAL STRAND BOARD) that includes reception counter, meeting table, workstations, hanging cabinets, hanging lights and clock.
The main idea is to make our own office economical, innovative, elegant, sustainable and easy to maintain.

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