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The Benitoz Stall IAPEX 2020
500 Sq Yards Residence
The Signature Villa
Samia Crafts Kiosk
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INGENIOUS DESIGN STUDIO is an Architecture and Interior Design Firm serving both local and international clients. Our diverse project portfolio is composed of projects types including  ARCHITECTURE RENOVATION, RESIDENTIAL INTERIORS, OFFICE INTERIORS, RETAIL INTERIORS & FURNITURE DESIGN.


Driven by CREATIVITY, exceeding the expectations of our clients & dedicating a high level of COMMITMENT to innovative interior architecture and design, from 8 years INGENIOUS DESIGN STUDIO has embraced collaboration with clients, consultants, and vendors. Our goal is to create synergy between INTERIOR and ARCHITECTURE that inspires and excites. Our Skills facilitate our client with important visuals through each step of the process and a detailed set of documents.

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